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Our Core Services

Wider Group recognizes that every customers needs will be different, so we make it our priority to customize the right solution for your unique individual needs. Our goal is to understand your business so we can excel at delivering the best combination of personnel, assets, and ideas to meet your requirements for the best possible value.

  • LTL & Truckload

    Those of us here at Wider Group understand the fast-paced nature of shipping and distribution. Our LTL experts demonstrate the highest level of personalized customer service to give you clear options to make the most cost-effective decisions for your business.

  • Logistics

    Let Wider Logistics help you with all of your Supply Chain needs. We offer a multitude of solutions such as Brokerage, Intermodel, Power Only, Final Mile, Freight Management, and more!

  • Wider Distribution

    Let us help you get the most from your supply chain & distribution needs. We make smart use of EDI technology to ensure your always up to date on were your shipment is at all times. At Wider Distribution we are committed to making sure your freight is moving quickly & efficiently.

  • Dedicated Solutions

    Wider Group can also provide a complete private fleet solution. We have many outsourcing solutions for companies operating a private fleet or already outsourcing with another provider. Wider Group uses asset-based capacity to assume all fleet responsibilities, optimizing efficiency, mitigating risks, and controlling costs. Fleet solutions vary by customer; we have friendly experts on staff to help customers make the right choice for their operations.

  • Delivery

    Wider Delivery specializes delivering the products you sell. We have two solutions to serve you, total transportation and final mile. Whichever you decide, you can be certain our friendly and professional drivers will represent you well.


From drivers and loads to the driving public, ensuring safety is a high priority for Wider Group. We employ comprehensive safety measures before hauling loads, partner with the best drivers, and utilize only the latest equipment — guaranteeing secure transportation from start to end.

These are just a few steps we take to enforce our emphasis on safety:

  • Thorough background screening and drug testing for drivers
  • Extensive safety training
  • Monitoring of safety regulations
  • Protective equipment for each and every driver
  • 100% ELD Compliant Fleet

We value your time, so please give us a call if you have any questions. We have Customer Service Agents eagerly awaiting your call!

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